Product Development

This highly skilled team is dedicated to producing products with consistent quality under clearly defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in compliance with the procedures and instructions of the ISO 9001:2015 quality system. This facility incorporates modern technological advancements with automated material handling systems and multilevel designs to enable gravity feed between processing stages. The building design has also allowed maximum engineering maintenance access without entering into the production areas. This facility, consisting of four lines with an installed annual capacity to produce 690 million units of tablets, provides a larger capacity and a stronger platform to manufacture value-added generics for regulated markets and also offers the company an attractive contract manufacturing partner.

Biopharmaceutical Product Development

Biopharma has a broad range of liquid formulations like syrups etc. and semisolid dosage forms including creams and ointments. At present the capacity of the liquid dosage facility is 15 million units per annum and the Company has taken up an expansion program along with further up gradation of the existing unit to meet the growing demand. The Company currently has the capacity to produce 3.5 million units of creams and ointments

The floor is constructed with epoxy mortar covered with self-leveling epoxy (SLE) paint which is dustproof, wet proof, abrasion resistant, and chemicals resistant. Three different colors of epoxy paint have been used to segregate different classified zones. Each production area has separate entry and exit for men and materials. The different colored gown is used in the different classified zones. The total production area is covered with a wide visitor corridor. To store sensitive materials, every production area has a dedicated room. The entire production area is covered by fire and smoke detectors and adequate firefighting equipment.